Bigdata and Analytics

Raygain – Big Data & Analytics

We Provide Big data Development Services the & Business Intelligence Analytics Solution to customers Across the globe.Big data Development combines with cloud computing Which used to address business Intelligence, Data Analytics for business intelligence.Big Data Development is analyze the huge data record which gains insight into human well – being and development using this technology.Big Data is effective and efficient for that need to Manage & filtered data through data analytics tool  & Methodology that process raw data into the program structure for analytic purpose.

Big Data is useful for most of the organization we can say Big Data is the reality of business. Bigdata process structured and unstructured data that help to do the analysis of data related to any organization on day to day basis, weekly or fortnightly.In simple term, we can say using Big Data we analyze data to determine the root cause of failure or fraudulence activity before the effect the organization revenue or effect the organization business. In Raygain Technologies we implement Big data from implementation to Management to analysis as per the customer demand – and it can be key to the success of the business for the organization.

When we come at the point of analysis of data where the quantity of data is huge then the question is no longer in the mind – What is big Data? It Simple what can we do with the huge quantity of that we have It Obvious answer it is future of the business for the organization

Big Data Development at Raygain Technologies :

At Raygain we have Technology expert for big data we provide custome development for bigdata  clients ranging from small data analytics startups to large enterprises for their huge quantity of data , Raygain Big Data Services Object & Sub Object are  :

  • Big Data Project Consulting Services.
  • Big Data Project Assessment .
  • Custom Big Data Development.
  • Big Data Requirement Validation Services.
  • Security Solution Framework for Big Data (Structured & Un Structured Data).
We do Analysis

  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Text mining
  • Forecasting & Optimization
  • Final Analysis report
We use Hadoop Framework

  • Batch Processing Capability
  • Massive storage for any Kind of data.
  • Processing Power of Huge quantity of data.
  • Virtually Without Limit Concurrent Task.
  • It consist simple data model
We use Apache Spark :

  • Real-time Data processing.
  • General purpose Data Engine.
  • Stream Processing.
  • Feasible for Machine Learning.
  • Provide Interactive Analysis.

Raygain Use Big Data That :

  • Work on Digitalized data and Manipulated by Computer Program.
  • It Produces Passive: Huge Data interacts by-product of interaction with digital service.
  • Automatic Process: Data Collected and Processed automatically.
  • Data Is processed as per the property: Data Tag by Geo Location will be processed accordingly.
  • Data Analysis on real Time.